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Top 10 Free Catholic Wallpaper Sites

Top 10 Free Catholic Wallpaper Sites

Who doesn’t love a good wallpaper? Here is a selection of the best sites offering free, HD wallpapers for your desktop and smart devices.  Keep the devotion digital with these free wallpapers of monasteries, stained glass windows and paintings of Christ, the Blessed Virgin and more. These came from a quick google search, so if I’ve missed your site, or if you have a suggestion, drop it in the comments!

1. Cassie Pease Designs

Top Free Catholic Wallpaper Sites - Cassie Pease Designs

Absolutely #1 in our list is Cassie Pease Designs. These selection of 79  wallpapers (and counting!) for your desktop and smart devices are repeatedly gorgeous and original. She has a unique texture style, and loves featuring inspirational quotes with beautiful imagery. “Cassie is a Catholic graphic designer living and working in South Dakota. Her mission is to combine the wisdom and joy of the Catholic faith with beautiful and colorful imagery that inspires people to discover (or rediscover) the joy of a life lived for Christ. The saints, who are great examples of this joy, have become a main source of inspiration for her work.”

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2. Catholic Quotations

Top Free Catholic Wallpaper Sites - Catholic Quotations

A fun and eclectic selection of around 324 wallpapers with plenty of photographs of the Vatican,  classic paintings, quotes and vector art. Someone scoured the interwebs and compiled a list for your convenience. And clickability. Go ye forth and wallpaper up!


3. Catholic Religion Teacher

Top Free Catholic Wallpaper Sites - Catholic Religion Teacher

Now here are 330 wallpapers you’ll want to bookmark. A selection of gorgeous photos of St Peter’s, basilicas and monuments worldwide, along with modern-themed quote graphics and a dash of classic art. Plenty here to fill you wallpaper cravings for a while!


4. Wikimedia

Top Free Catholic Wallpaper Sites - Wikimedia

Although not technically a wallpaper site, nor Catholic, Wikimedia holds a huge – and growing – selection of photographs and art from around the world. Many are high definition enough for the most pixel-hungry afficionado. Plenty of other searches will bring you hours of other options. This link takes you to a search for ‘Jesus Christ’.


5. WikiArt

Top Free Catholic Wallpaper Sites - WikiArt

Also not not technically a Catholic wallpaper site, WikiArt is a massive database of paintings and artwork. They seem to be generally high-defition, and should provide a buffet varied enough for any art-lover’s cravings. This link takes you to a search for ‘Jesus Christ’, with over 1,619 hits. Be sure to click the link below the image for the individual page, and then explore ‘View all sizes’ below the image to download the image.

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6. Reddit

Top Free Catholic Wallpaper Sites - Reddit

Around 34 wallpapers that the Reddit community votes according to popularity. Some paintings and really fantastic photos of world sites.

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7. CatholicWebs

Top Free Catholic Wallpaper Sites - CatholicWebs

Here are 10 wallpapers with some statues, paintings, and devotional items.

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8. Desktop Nexus

Top Free Catholic Wallpaper Sites - Desktop Nexus

Around 45 wallpapers with photography from churches, processions in Spain, artistic creations and various painting. This is not a Catholic site, but has a neat roundup of options.

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9. Full HD Desktop Wallpapers

Top Free Catholic Wallpaper Sites - Full HD Desktop Wallpapers

An initial search pulls up around 10 initial options. As you keep searching, more seems to show up. Not a Catholic site, though. Enjoy!

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10. Catholic Digital Studio

Top Free Catholic Wallpaper Sites - Catholic Digital Studio

Around 18 wallpapers on a simple theme; photos from Coos Bay, Oregon overlaid with quotes from Scripture. Sometimes less is more!

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11. Bonus: CatholicViral

16 Quotes to Inspire Your Lent as HD Catholic Wallpapers

CatholicViral believes that the world needs more epic, Catholic wallpapers. We’re here to bring them to you for free! Whether for quotes, books, ideas, or just plain awesomeness, follow us for inspiration that’s sure to brighten your day. And your screens. And make your friends jealous. ;)

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So, which are your favorites? Have I missed any?

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