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It’s a total Robin Hood vision. Most people don’t have the time, or just don’t know about the amazing richness available to them in works of Catholic spirituality. These heroes of our Faith, who dove headfirst into the splendor of God, left behind tracts and books full of breathtaking insights into the nature of Religion and reality.

But lets face it; they weren’t written for the smartphone generation.

Your donation helps CatholicViral to take these mystical treasures and find creative ways to make them readable and appealing. We believe in taking the richness of our Faith, our incredible literary and liturgical heritage, and giving it all away to the poor in spirit.

We’re not battling a ‘Bishop of Nottingham’ who secreted these riches away and locked them down. Not at all. They are often the greatest advocates for these treasures.

We’re battling a simple lack of information: most people just don’t know that they exist. Or how to get into them.

Even a $5 is a leg up that CatholicViral didn’t have before. You can help us promote and advertize, to reach more people.

Email us! Talk to us about your ideas, and help share the vision.

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