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Hilarity and the Pursuit of Happiness | A Minute with a Monk

I was checking my list of new connections on Twitter, and bumped into this hilarious skit performed by two monks. In exploring the pursuit of Happiness, two monks act, fake tears, and even include Meryl Streep!

Even if life can be tough sometimes… it’s an amazing gift. So let’s help one another to live it better! This is a new channel, and if everything works, each Friday there will be a little thing like that. (We’ll cover a question a month, and present four videos to try to approach the answer…)

What makes it so fun and personal is the Friar cheating out to the camera all the time, as though you are in the room and he’s sneaking glances at you to include you in the fun. :)

Hilarity and the Pursuit of Happiness | A Minute with a Monk

Choose to love the things that you have.

Can anyone say cut now!!!

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