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7 things to know about Contributing on CatholicViral

We're going 'Robin Hood' - 7 things to know about Contributing on CatholicViral

Here, at CatholicViral, we’ve decided to go ‘Robin Hood’ as much as we can – with a twist. We’re not taking ‘from’ the rich. Instead, we want to take what is rich and beautiful and desirable out there and give it to the ‘spiritually’ poor because they’ve never been exposed to such things.

Out the gate, we have a couple of ideas for you to hit the mark coming in the gate if you want to contribute:

  • We love quotes. Especially from favorite Catholic authors/figures like G. K. Chesterton, Fulton Sheen, Frank Sheed, St. John Paul II, the Little Flower, etc.
  • We love lists comparing ‘best of’; take our Top 10 Free Catholic Wallpaper Sites as an example.
  • We adore viral media roundups/selections; families often have a hard time sharing viral stuff with family because of questionable content in sidebars. Often we miss plenty of the good stuff out there. Take a cue from ‘Our Top 10 Favorite Christmas Ads‘ for ideas.
  • We want to promote the great books. The main reason no one reads the great masterpieces of our Christian heritage is because… well, they’ve not been given a reason. So why not pick a classic, grab the 5 most popular quotes, and make a tribute to the book?

7 things to know about Contributing on CatholicViral

  1. We’re going to have an awesome time.
  2. We’re looking for everything Phil 4:8 :) Lists of epic videos, hilarious Vines, informative lists, gorgeous designs, fun memes… sky’s the limit. In fact, ask us about any idea you have. We’ll probably say yes.
  3. We will not publish anything contrary to the teachings of the Catholic Faith.
  4. You need great English and a sense of humor. Or fun. Whichever comes first. ;) We’ll review and edit before publishing.
  5. If you’re a first time contributor, include a brief bio (under 100 words).
  6. Length of articles can vary from 400 words to over 1000 – although shorter is generally better for online reading. Don’t worry about images – unless you’re a designer (then contact us!) Just send us the URL to the video or picture that you’d like with each item. We can’t promise to use them, but we’ll look at them! :)
  7. We do not pay for articles, but we will happily include a link to your book, blog/social media account, and/or website at the end of the list.


Be original. As much as possible. Don’t send us something you’ve already posted; turn it into a set of bullet points, perhaps make it simpler with a link back to your original thesis.

Lists that we’re looking for the most are

  1. Upbeat, fresh ways to look at timeless, Catholic truths
  2. Family-friendly viral roundups
  3. Clarifying misconceptions and facts (things like history – keep it lively!)

Ready to contribute?

Send us your article/list/graphics idea and suggested title. If it fits our site, we’ll go from there!

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