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Catholic Graphic Designers Wanted!

Catholic Graphic Designers Wanted!

There’s loads of amazing content out there on the digital continent. And my Catholic graphic designer friends know and feel the same thing;

Homagosh… that would be amazing if it had better graphics! The point would be better made, it would be easier to parse, people would share it more! Imagine if that text, or that background… !!!

So, calling all Catholic designers! Let’s take that amazing content – articles, lists, roundups of posts or sites, quotes, whatever – and awesomesauce it up with beautiful, epic, or downright pinterest-acious artwork.

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I’m not exactly a designer…

That’s ok. Everything that does get designed needs to be high-resolution and look professional. PicMonkey is a fantastic resource for designing great graphics.

Where do I Sign Up?

Right here. Contact me and let me know what you’re interested in doing. I have all kinds of content that needs a designer waiting to unpack and prettify it up.

If you have your own ideas, or submissions, or just want to chat more about how epic this all is, just drop me a line and we can have a good ol’ jaw. ;)

Everything you submit or work on gets a link back and bio to your site.

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